Monday, August 08, 2011

'An der Arche um Acht' / '8 O'Clock at the Ark'

Hi there,

it's been a long time since 'URS' first hit the screen ... and it was a very productive one!!
Together with a production company in Berlin we've been working on the preproduction for an animated feature:

'An der Arche um Acht' / '8 O'Clock at the Ark'

The film tells the story of 3 penguins facing the end of the world. While the whole world drowns in a huge flood they get the last two life-saving tickets for 'Noah's Ark'. The Penguins decide to smuggle their third fellow on board and go on an epic journey through storm and lightning, order and mayhem, anarchy and wild parties! Will the penguins' secret be discovered? ...

Based on the multi-awardwinning children's book and theatre play by author Ulrich Hub, the screenplay has already been nominated for the Award for best German-language screenplay for an animated feature film at the ITFS - International Festival for animated Films, Stuttgart.
The films dark mood will be set in contrast with the fun of the penguins who bring smiles back to the terrified animals around them. We're aiming a good mixture of physical humor and "adult-friendly" undertones to create a great and entertaining film for the whole family.

Berlin based production company now films is currently looking for financing.

The book has already been distributed in many countries and translated to Danish, Dutch, English, French, Greek, Italian, Korean, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese (World), Simplified Chinese, Spanish (South America), Swedish.

If you like to contact us, just drop us a line via:
info (at) now-films (dot) com
> Trailer and more infos upon request.

More pictures will follow :)